Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select items to purchase?
As you browse through the Purchase-up Online Store, click on the “add to shopping cart” button beneath the items that you wish to purchase.
2. How do I know what is in my shopping cart?
When browsing through Purchase-up, simply look to the right-side of the screen to see which items you have in your shopping cart.  Use the arrows to move between items in your cart.
3. How do I remove an item from my shopping cart?
Click the “remove” check box and click “modify cart” to remove that item from your cart. You may also change the quantity of items to “0” (zero) to remove the item from your shopping cart.
4. How do I modify the quantity of a product in my shopping cart?
Click on “view shopping cart” to see an itemized list of the products in your shopping cart. Change the quantity of the item and click “modify cart” to update the contents of your shopping cart.
5. How do I empty out my shopping cart?
To remove items from your shopping cart click on “view cart”, check the “remove” box for each item that you would like to remove from your shopping cart and then click on “update total”.
6. How do I pay for my merchandise?
We offer most convinent payment method COD (cash on delivery) , when your order reach at your Door After receiving the order you can pay your cash further We accept Visa, Mastercard, online transfer As well
7. Is it safe to give you my credit card number over the Internet?
Yes, read about Purchase-up web site security. However, if you are still uncomfortable providing your credit card information over the Internet — no problem. Simply submit your request via email without any payment information to, and we will contact you to make arrangements for payment.
8. How do I know that Purchase-up has received my order?
Our ordering system will automatically send you an email or meassage confirming that your order was successfully submitted. Please make certain that the email address or cell number you provide is correct. Upon processing, we will send you an additional email message confirming your order with applicable taxes and shipping charges calculated, and a shipping order number for your records.
9. What is Jeppesen’s return policy and who do I contact regarding returns?
If for some reason you need to return an item to Purchase-up please email the details of your particular situation to: [email protected].
For our complete Returns and Cancellations Policy, click here.
For our withdrawal policy for consumers within Pakistan, click here.
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10. How safe is my information and credit card number?
Your information is very safe at and we take site and data security as a serious issue. The website uses 128-bit encryption to ensure that your data is secure.
With regards to the safety and privacy of your credit card, we’ve implemented a state-of-the-art e-commerce solution for the new The new site offers improved security over our previous site and many other existing websites by encrypting your credit card information in such a way that it is not accessible by employees within Purchase-up, or by anyone who would try to compromise the security of As a result, our site meets the rigorous security standards set by many privacy watchdog groups and standards set by the Internet community in general.
When you entered your credit card in our store, only the last four digits of your card are visible on the site. Even you (or anyone who logs in as you) cannot access the details of your credit card from our store.
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11. Can I pay off my delinquent account online?
Unfortunately, Purchase-up is not offering this option at the present time online, but we hope to be able to offer it in the future.
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12. I’m trying to register a new account or check out and my country is not listed. Why?
If your country is not listed in the drop-down, you reside in a country that is possibly under embargo and we cannot register accounts or ship to parties residing in countries embargoed.  Please contact us using the information below.
In addition, you may not see your country listed when you’re attempting to change your billing address from one country to another. If so, please contact us for assistance and we’ll gladly help you update your information.
For further information, please contact our customer support staff toll-free at (866) 498-0213 (U.S. and Canada) or +1-800-2233-0033 (toll-free outside of U.S. or Canada).
13. I’m a customer living in India, but I’m not able to purchase anything through JeppDirect. Why?
Online purchases cannot be made from India at this time. Please contact one of our dedicated Customer Service Representatives who can handle your order. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your purchase

How do I know if the product fits?
We often get this question on When shopping online, you need to know your measurements. We all know that sizes vary depending on the brand or country (e.g. European sizes vs American sizes). We recommend you take a measuring tape and take note of your bust, waist, hips and inseam. You can have your local tailor do it for you if you want.
Also, on, we have a sizing guide that will help you determine how to convert your size. Note that US sizes are generally larger than European or Asian sizes. For example, a US ‘M’ is usually a European ‘L’.
On Purchase-up, we aim to get clothes that fit easily. But do check the material and cut of the clothes you are buying. If it is tight fitting, you would be safer to buy one size larger (for example, if you usually wear an ‘M’, buy an ‘L’) and have it re-sized at your local tailor.
We also have our customer service representatives who will help you with your purchase via email, on the phone or on social media. So do not be shy to talk with customer service.

FAQ 2: Is it safe to shop online?
This is an important question and our priority at is to ensure the privacy of our customers and safety of payment.
First, we highly recommend you have a strong password for your shopping website.
On, we offer various ways of payment including Cash on Delivery (COD), PayPal & Credit Cards and have strategic partnerships with well-known banks in the region. We also protect our website with ‘Norton Secured’. When shopping online, make sure that the website has an SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption installed which is represented by an icon of a locked padlock.
Another tip is to have one credit card for your online purchases. This helps you track your purchases and God forbid something wrong happens, you can cancel that credit card. Some banks are also offering an ‘Internet Credit Card’ that has a capped amount.

FAQ3: Are the brands authentic?
Unfortunately in our region, we have heard that there are some websites that do not offer authentic brands. On, we ensure that our brands are authentic further more in some of the copied products we have written Copy along with the product picture, we sourced from trust-worthy suppliers.
If you are buying from websites that you are not familiar with, research the products they offer. Also, if the price for a well-known brand is ‘too good to be true’ then talk to the website and do exercise caution.
Also, read the website’s return and exchange policies before making a purchase and talk to customer service if you are not satisfied with your purchase.
Finally, get to know the website you are buying from. For example, you can make a small purchase to test the products they sell and then when you are satisfied with their products and their service, then make bigger purchases.

FAQ 4: How can I save when shopping online?
One of the benefits of shopping online is that you are able to find products at lower prices due to the economics of e-commerce.
We recommend you sign-up to the newsletter of your favorite online shopping websites, as they will give you a heads-up of any sale they are having. At Purchase-up, we send our members a newsletter to keep them up to date with new products and sales.
Also, follow the websites on social media as many will inform you of savings and offers through those channels.

We know that shopping online is fun and it should be! Check out for the latest trends in affordable fashion, and do let us know if you have any other questions. Until the next time, happy shopping!

Q. How do I view what’s in my shopping cart?
A. To view the contents of your cart, click on the “View cart” icon in the upper-right corner of your computer screen. Once you click on this icon, you can easily change the number of copies you want to purchase of a particular item in your cart by updating the quantity listed and then clicking the “Update cart” link. You can also delete any item in your cart by clicking the “Remove” check box to the left of that item and then updating your cart with the “Update cart” link.
Q. How do I remove items from my cart?
A. First, click on the “View cart” link in the upper-right corner of your computer screen. This will allow you to view all items currently in your cart. Once you have identified the item that you would like to delete, click on the “Remove” check box to the left of the item description and then click “Update cart” in the lower-right corner to have your changes reflected.
Q. What are your shipping and handling rates?
A. Shipping and handling rates vary depending on the destination of the order and are based on the total cost of the order.  All shipping costs are calculated using a Pakistan. Postal Service shipping module.

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